Routine physical exams are performed on patients to help insure their health. Vaccinations are recommended annually for a healthy pet. In some cases catching an illness early can be life saving.


Routine physical examinations are performed to help keep your pet healthy. Wellness services, including vaccinations, laboratory services and dental services, are recommended to help maintain a healthy pet. In some cases, catching an issue early can be life-saving for your pet.

Preventative Health Care

In some cases catching an illness early can be life saving. Long-term health care is important to us. Our staff is fully trained to care for your pet through all the life stages. Lifetime care is available from puppy or kitten to senior years.


Beginning as a puppy, we recommend annual dental exams and preventative dental brushing. Like humans, regular dental cleanings are recommended for pets. Our clinic is equipped with a state of the art ultrasonic cleaner to provide the best dental care for our patients. This dental unit is capable of polishing and scaling teeth.

General Surgery

Our surgery suite is equipped with state of the art equipment and instrumentation. This equipment enables the staff to provide the best surgical care possible. We practice very strict aseptic procedures to keep your pet as safe as possible. The staff is constantly monitoring every patient that undergoes anesthesia. We offer surgeries such as spays, neuters and declaws.

Pain Management

We believe no pet should have pain or discomfort. Our protocol follows the most up-to-date pain management methods to provide comfort for pets undergoing surgery, injuries, and aches and pains in senior pets. By using pain control for these conditions, we can increase healing time and provide a comfortable, quality of life for our pets.


Healthy skin is an important part of animal health care. Our staff is fully trained to help assist in treating your pet’s skin condition. Special testing, medications, shampoos, diets and supplements are available to help keep your pet’s skin in the best shape year round.


On site radiology is a diagnostic tool that helps doctors to evaluate a patient’s internal organs. It also enables one to view bony surfaces and evaluate for injury and disease detection. This area is adjacent to the surgical suite for radiographs before, during and after surgical procedures.


A full pharmacy enables clients to fill prescriptions at the time of an examination. If your pet’s prescription is not available, we are more than happy to call it in to a pharmacy of your choice.


Our laboratory helps us to quickly access and evaluate your pet’s condition. Routine diagnostic tests such as urinalysis, fecal and heartworm testing and specimen staining are performed at our clinic. These tests help diagnose and treat patients. They also help predict problems that might occur under anesthesia. Our blood specimens are performed at our clinic with our state of the art Idexx VetStation. We have CatalystDX, ProcyteDX, CoagDX, Urinalysis and SnapTest stations to test for a variety of sicknesses and illnesses. Some laboratory work is sent out to national laboratories for experts to perform more detailed testing to ensure the best possible treatment for your pet.