Looking after a pet is not an easy feat. If anything, it is a huge responsibility. Since our furry friends are dependent on us for love, sustenance, and shelter, we must ensure they are being fed a nutritious diet that will keep them healthy and boost their growth. However, when it comes to feeding your pets, their age, size, and breed are only some of the factors you must consider.

This is where nutritional counseling for pets comes in. Consulting your veterinarian about your pet’s diet will not only keep them happy and healthy but also help you save thousands in veterinarian bills and emergency visits to the clinic.

Why You Should Consult Your Veterinarian before Feeding Your Pets

Here are some of the basic reasons why you should consider getting nutritional counseling for pets.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Pets

The sheer amount of options in the pet food section at every local supermarket can confuse any pet owner. However, since every pet is unique and has different nutritional requirements, you need to be very careful about which item you pick up off the shelf. Therefore, it is suggested to consult your veterinarian about feeding your pet to ensure they are getting a balanced and healthy diet.

Feeding Your Pets the Right Amount of Food

Feeding your pets more than you should can be bad for their health.

In most cases, pet owners follow the instructions at the back of the bag to assess how much food they should give to their furry friends. Needless to say, it is not a healthy practice. If you don’t want to underfeed or overfeed your pets, it is recommended to ask your veterinarian to guide you about the right amount of food.

Helping Your Vet Keep Track of Your Pet’s Health

Consulting your veterinarian about your pet’s diet will keep both of you on the same page. It will also make it easier for the doctor to monitor and keep track of your pet’s health. Since your vet will already know what your pet has been eating, it will make it easier for them to figure out if your pet is being overfed or is malnourished.

It is also important to mention that when it comes to nutritional counseling for pets, one size doesn’t fit at all. For instance, a healthy diet for a dog won’t be the same as that for a little puppy.

Final Thoughts

Feeding your pets a healthy diet can help them grow, develop their muscles, protect them from obesity and extend their life.

To learn more about your pet’s nutritional needs, please get in touch with Pampered Pets by contacting at 405-340-8387.

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