There are circumstances where you have to opt for a pet boarding for your pooch. However, make sure you practice the same diligence in choosing a pet boarding facility as you do in picking a daycare center for your baby. If you don’t how to evaluate a pet boarding facility for its services, keep reading.

In this post, we will walk you through the characteristics you should look for in a pet boarding facility to ensure your canine friend will remain in good hands.

Good Word of Mouth

Besides necessary certifications and licenses, a pet boarding facility must boast good word of mouth about its services. If you have heard raving reviews of a pet boarding place from your friends and family, you can check it out. You can also sift through the social media pages of a pet boarding place to know what people have to say about its services.

24/7 Access to Vet

Dogs can need emergency medical treatment for various reasons. Therefore, well-reputed pet boarding facilities have in-house veterinaries to offer immediate medical support. Make sure the pet boarding facility you pick for your dog also has 24/7 access to vets.

A Robust Vaccination Policy

Many people remain reluctant to bring their dogs to pet boarding places because they don’t want them to spend time with sick unvaccinated dogs. Good boarding facilities have a very stringent vaccination policy. They only admit a dog after it has taken vaccinations for rabies, parvovirus, canine distemper, and other boosters against canine sicknesses.

Well-Constructed Kennels

Before signing up for the boarding form, don’t forget to look at the kennels at the facility. You can also ask the person attending you about the kennel that will be assigned to your dog. Make sure the kennel at a boarding facility fulfills these requirements.

  • Your pet can sit and stand at its full height in the kennel
  • It can easily stretch and lie down
  • It can easily turn around inside the kennel

Boasts both Indoor and Outdoor Playing Areas

Active dog breeds need a lot of physical activity to stay healthy and fit. This activity includes both indoor and outdoor games and plays. Make sure the pet boarding facility you pick is large enough to offer both indoor and outdoor playing areas.

If you are looking for a pet boarding facility in Edmond, Oklahoma with all the characteristics discussed above, visit Pampered Pets Veterinary Clinic and Spa. Besides top-of-the-line pet boarding, the place also offers grooming, bathing, medical and daycare services for pets.

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