• Pampered Pets Veterinary Clinic and Spa

    J. Brian Ledger, DVM
    805 W. Covell Road, Suite 700 Edmond, Ok 73003, 405-340-8387
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  • All pets must be current on monthly prevention and have a current fecal and heartworm test on file. If not current the tests and prevention will be done at the clinic at the owner’s cost. If any parasites are found on pet while boarding, we will require a dose of prevention to be applied to the pet.

    We accommodate and welcome special needs pets. However, their may be additional charges for pets that need one on one care.
  • All medication must be brought in their original bottles, and a dispensing fee will be added to their reservation.

    Medical care will be given to pets that require medical attention while boarding. We will contact you by your preferred method to discuss treatment. Dr. Ledger will do basic treatment for the pet’s welfare at the owners expense until we are able to reach you. If you agree ahead of time you can request whatever treatment necessary if we are not able to contact you.
  • *If major medical need arises all patients will be transported to Blue Pearl Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Hospital for treatment at the owners expense.
  • *Extra charges may be added to special feeding requests. (feeding separate, longer preparation, storage fees)
  • Bath and Spa Services:

    All lodging guests receive a discounted bathing price depending on the length of stay at PPVC.

    1-3 Nights - $25 for bath, brush and blow dry.
    4-7 Nights - $18 for bath, brush and blow dry.
    8-12 Nights - $15 for bath, brush and blow dry
    Clinic bath and prices depend on size of pet and length of coat.
    Grooming prices depend on size of pet, length and condition of coat, and temperament of pet

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • All boarding related concerns must be discussed with PPVC management within 24 hours after check-out.
    Owner agrees to pay the rate for lodging and additional guest services requested prior to discharge.
    PPVC does offer medical services for the pets during their stay if not past due on vaccines. Bedding will be provided for your pets stay. If you would like to bring their own personal belongings, Pampered Pets will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items.
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