Who loves you more than your pet? Don’t forget to show love to your little furry friends this Valentine’s Day because they have emotions too. But how do you make your pet feel pampered? Since chocolates aren’t good and pets can’t read, you can try making them feel loved through our three tips. So, keep reading to find how to make your pet feel loved.

1. Take Them Out For A Walk

Although you might do this once or twice a week, make sure to introduce your pet to other animals to socialize. Pets get lonely when their only interaction is with their owner. Allowing your pets to socialize with others can build their confidence.

2. Help Them Fight Their Fears

Pets have all the emotions you feel, and fear is one of them. Your dog or cat might be afraid of going down the stairs or doesn’t like other animals. Helping your pets fight their fears will be rewarded with a happy and energetic partner who will love you forever.

3. Surprise Them With a New Toy

Some pets love surprises, and they can’t stop wagging their tail when they see something new. If you want to make your pet happy on Valentine’s Day, you better bring you’re A-game. Instead of only bringing treats, spoil your pet with something exotic.

Finally – Groom Your Pet

Cats and dogs love getting attention and being treated like royalty, and you should allow them to experience luxury once in a while. Instead of bathing your pet, you can reach out to Pampered Pets Edmond for help. Their grooming and bath package includes:

  • Bath (with a hydro-surge bathing system)
  • Drying with a fan or dryer
  • Light brush down
  • Gland expression (if needed)
  • Nail trim
  • Optional bandana and pet perfume

Pampered Pets also has a daycare service for pets where your pet can socialize with other animals. So, let Pampered Pets take care of your dearest pets this Valentine’s Day.

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