To pamper – to spoil, indulge, cater to, humor, coddle, overindulge and please.

Pampered Pets Resort & Spa Loves Pampering Pets!

Pampered Pets Resort and Spa is the ultimate experience in pampering for your pet. You might say that we are “heads and tails above the rest.” We have modern suites. Most importantly, our pet care professionals are highly-trained to provide continuous interaction, supervision and pampering! Our team is even certified every 6 months in pet CPR.

Our pampering packages include:

  • One session of playtime in our private TLC room.
  • Complimentary veterinary prescribed diet for sensitive stomachs.
  • Classical music from the renowned CD “Through a Dog’s Ears” to help calm anxiety and stress.
  • Daily sanitizing and disinfecting of suites.

We have modern suites to accommodate one pet or a whole family!

Pawsitively Pawsidential Suite (8′ x 12′) – Designed to resemble a home study/library complete with a fireplace, this luxurious suite includes our Pampering Package (above) as well as the ultimate in pampering:

  • Complimentary bath.
  • Daily pet friendly movies.
  • Extra morning and afternoon playtime session and potty break.

Pawsitively Divine Suite (7′ x 8′) – Spacious design with all the comforts of home including a ceiling fan and DVD.

  • Daily pet friendly movies.
  • Extra playtime session and potty break.

Pawsitively Grand Suite (3 1/2′ x 8′) – Designed with a cozy home-like atmosphere this large suite includes our standard Pampering Package (above).

Call our Resort & Spa today to schedule a getaway for your pet! (405) 340-8387